Course Module

  • This session is full of information and lots of interesting facts and imagery, which helps new photographers to get familiar with Aperture, Shutter Speed and Sensor sensitivity. This is followed by a fun filled practice session that will help clear doubts while shooting under the guidance of our expert instructors.
  • A quick revision of the topics covered in the previous session. It will also cover topics like Depth of Field and Focal length. This is followed by a challenging yet fun filled practice session on visual exercises related to Depth of Field & Focal Length.
  • The composition of a frame is the key to making a good photograph. It is very important to learn how to arrange elements within a frame to make the photograph stand out. This classroom session is followed by a practice session to explore a whole new world of frames; and learn to see how to fill or not fill your frame to make compelling images.
  • In order to become a good photographer one needs to understand natural light profoundly. This session covers topics like golden hours, effect of color temperature on an image and shooting at dawn and dusk. This classroom session is followed by a practical session of exploring the magic of natural light with our experts.
  • Before shooting in a studio, it is vital to understand the studio environment and how photographic equipment is used. This session will be held inside our studio, which is equipped with all the desired equipment such as lights, stands, light meter, soft boxes, reflectors, honey combs, snoots, back drops etc. The use of each equipment will be explained. This will be followed by a practical session where the use a 1 light set up and 2 & 3 lights set up will be demonstrated.
  • This riveting session is essential for all student photographers to attend, as your works will be reviewed by our professional experts. Post-production is integral part of digital photography. Through these sessions we will guide you to make your images technically sound.
  •  An important topic that helps photographers shoot with flash yet achieving the most natural looking photos. The use of fill in flash will help you fill dark areas in your photographs keeping the mood of the image intact.
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